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Kassim Darwish Grammar School for Boys

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

Our Staff

Teaching Staff  

Mr A Hussain

Head Teacher

Strategic Oversight of all aspects of School

School Improvement Planning

Reporting to Trustees

ISI Inspections

Dr D Ghidaoui

Deputy Head Teacher

Member of Senior Leadership Team (in charge of Safeguarding)

Head of Year 9 & Year 10

Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer

SEND Oversight

Teacher of Science

Mrs F Bani

Member of Senior Leadership Team (in charge of Pastoral)

Behaviour and Attendance

Careers and Work experience

Head of Science Department

Head of Year 11

Mr A Crosbie

Member of Senior Leadership Team (in charge of Curriculum & Assessment)

STEM Ambassador

School Visits Coordinator

Teacher of Science

Mrs M Ahmad

Member of Senior Leadership Team (in charge of Teaching & Learning)


Performance Management

Teacher of English

Mr I Abdullah

Head of  Mathematics Department

Miss S Akther

Head of Year 7 & Year 8

Head of Religious Studies & SMSC Department

Mr H Nawaz

Teacher of Computer Science

Mrs A Beevers

Head of English Department

Assembly Coordinator


Mr AF Bounaira

Teacher of Mathematics

Ms  C Brydges

Teacher of Business Studies

Ms M Alfarra

Teacher of Arabic & Quranic Arabic

Ms C Grover

Teacher of Spanish

Mr I Kawri

Head of Physical Education Department

Mr N Ahmed

Teacher of Geography

Mrs J Laithwaite

Head of Art Department

Mr S Laithwaite

Head of Humanities Department

Teacher of History

Duke of Edinburgh & NCS Coordinator

Mrs Y Majid

Teacher of Urdu

Mr K Simpson

Teacher of Science

Mr N Shah

Teacher of Religious Studies

Mrs P Hollinshead

Teacher of English

Non - Teaching Staff

Miss A  Mohamud


Teaching Assistant

Manager of “KD Voice” Publications

Mr M Uddin


Mr S Hussain

ICT Administrator

Mrs M Keegan

Science Technician

Mrs E Liew

School Bursar

Mrs S Noreen Administrative Assistant
Miss R Baig Administrative Assistant

Mrs Y Majid

Assessment & Examinations Officer

SIMS Manager

Health & Safety Officer